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Happy Bedding

Happy Bedding

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Happy Habitats’ Happy Bedding Enrichment is sure to bring joy to any small pet. Our compressed shredded paper pellets will provide endless stimulation as your small pet gleefully rips them apart. Our Happy Bedding is made of high quality nesting material and is an ideal cage accessory for any small pet. Each 4" x 6" bag comes with six pellets

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Small pet carrier + Exercise ball =

Walk your Hamster Anywhere!

  • Great product for indoors and for taking your small pet outdoors - highly recommend purchasing!

    Mark Kashani
  • The Happy Habitats Halo product has changed the way my hamster and I spend time together!

    Ariana Arken
  • Overall, the Halo is the perfect product for any hamster owner

    Charis Baumman
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