Why My Next Hamster Will Be a Chinese Dwarf

Through all my years of hamster rearing I have had several different species of hamster. I’ve owned multiple Syrians, one Campbell’s Dwarf, and one Winter White Dwarf. There are two main species I have yet to own, the Roborovski Hamster and the Chinese Dwarf Hamster. Recently, I decided the next hamster to enter my home would be the Chinese Dwarf Hamster.


Why Not a Robo

There are only two species of hamster left for me to own before I’ve “caught them all.” So why didn’t I opt for the Roborovski, affectionately called Robo for short. Robo’s make amazing pets and are quite adorable. I certainly will get a Robo at one point. Roborovski Hamsters are the smallest and fastest of the hamster species. This makes them the hardest to handle. They are also the least affectionate of all the hamsters. A Roborovski Dwarf is a better pet for those seeking a more hands off animal. Right now, my hamster is my primary pet. In the future, when I have a dog or a cat, a Robo will be able to live comfortably in my home without me constantly bugging them.


The Chinese Dwarf Hamster

While every hamster is unique in their own right, Chinese Dwarf Hamsters have a special trait that sets them apart from the rest. This of course, is their prehensile, mouse-like tail. Most hamsters have a short nub of a tail, but the Chinese Dwarf hamster has a tail that averages two to three centimeters in length. That is over two times longer than a Syrian Hamster’s tail! Chinese Dwarf Hamsters are shier than Syrians Hamsters, Winter White Dwarf Hamsters, and Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters. Regardless, they are friendly and charming in their own right. These hamsters will rarely bite if handled well. A Chinese Dwarf with enough exposure and hand rearing makes an excellent pet.


My Current Hamster

My current hamster Ghost is an albino Winter White Dwarf. Ghost is a great hamster with a unique personality. He is hands down the most stubborn hamster I have ever owned. Ghost only wants to hang out if he’s in the mood, on his terms. Despite this, I love to shower him with treats and head pats. I am currently deciding whether I should wait, or bring a second hamster home. The two cages would be kept separate, and I would not let them interact. Hamsters are solitary creatures and can very rarely be kept together.


Final Thoughts

All species of hamster make great pets when properly cared for. I’ve recently opened my heart to Chinese Dwarf Hamsters and am eager to adopt one of my own. We’ll see how long I can wait before I decide to bring one into my home. It’s going to be a matter of space, money, and convincing my roommate.  Right now, I’m looking around my living room and I already think I can make it work. Don’t be surprised if you see me writing an article about a new hamster in the next few weeks.

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