The Strength of a Hamster

Everyone recognizes hamsters as small cute furry pets that fit in the palm of your hand. Their small size and chubby cheeks lend to the adorable, fluffy demeanor they’re known for. However, despite public perception, Hamsters are actually quite strong. In this article we will go over in detail, the strength of the mighty hamster.


Though we say Hamsters are strong, you certainly won’t see them benching plates in the gym. Right off the bat, there’s an important distinction that needs to be made in regard to hamster strength. That distinction is, hamsters are strong relative to their size.


One of the main reasons hamsters have evolved to be so strong is that they are designed for burrowing and climbing. They’ve developed strong, powerful muscles to help with the rigor of their day-to-day life. A hamster’s hind legs are so strong it can jump 8-15 inches up in the air. Depending on the hamster, that’s over two times their body length. The human equivalent would be if I were able to vertically jump 12+ feet.


One hamster action that exhibits their significant strength is their ability to move heavy objects. A hamster can successfully move an object that is several times its body weight. They are able to do this thanks to their powerful jaw and strong hind legs. A hamster will grip onto an object with its front teeth and pull with their legs.


Hamsters are also quite quick. They can run at speeds of up to six miles per hour. That’s faster than the average human’s walking pace, meaning we’d have to jog just to keep up. This speed is also thanks to the powerful leg muscles they’ve evolved over time. Thanks to their speed, these rodents can quickly navigate their tunnels and burrows with ease. Their speed also enables them escape predators and other dangers.


Another impressive ability that displays a hamster’s true strength is their overall sturdiness and ability to survive falls. Hamsters have strong skeletons that can easily absorb impact. They also have a natural tendency to ball up when in danger. This both protects their vital organs and helps disperse their kinetic energy in the moment of impact. While you should never purposefully drop your hamster, it’s nice to know that should they fall, they will likely come out unscathed.


A specific type of strength that often gets overlooked is emotional and mental strength. This is something hamsters have in spades. Hamsters are resilient creatures that are capable of adapting to a variety of environments and situations. When a hamster sets its mind on something they will pursue that goal with drive and tenacity like no other.


In short, hamsters are much stronger than they appear. Hamsters possess immense mental, emotional, and physical strength relative to their size. Their durable bodies are capable of surviving falls and their powerful jaws help them move objects far heavier than their body weight. A hamster’s hind legs allow it to jump up to 15 inches in the air. These are just some of the qualities that make hamsters unique creatures and great pets.

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