Happy Habitats Founder Story

I am the CEO/Founder of Happy Habitats.

In college, at Wake Forest University, I had an “emotional support” hamster named Mooksie. He was my first pet and we were very close. As a small pet owner, I noticed there were many products I wanted that did not exist. The small pet community was often creating DIY solutions to problems they faced.


One day, Mooksie and I were hanging out together on the upper quad and I was chasing him in circles. Across the way I saw an upperclassman walking her dog. I thought to myself, “Why can’t you walk your hamster the way you walk your dog?” This was the thought that brought Happy Habitats into being.


We incorporated October 29th, 2019 and haven’t looked back since. Our motto is “Give Your Small Pet the Life They Deserve!” Every day we adhere to this motto in our journey of small pet enrichment with our debut product, the Halo.

The Halo


The Halo is a revolutionary small pet carrier that allows you to take your hamster for a walk. Our patent pending design provides a safe way to traverse the outdoors with your small pet. But, before we can talk about the Halo, we need to address the ball in the Halo. Happy Habitats didn’t just invent a small pet carrier, we also reinvented the small pet exercise ball.


Created in the 80’s the small pet exercise ball was a way to get your pet out of their cage and into your home. It was a great concept; kids were now able to hang out with their pets in a fun new way. Unfortunately, the exercise ball had some problems that never got addressed until we stepped in.

The Roam


Yes, while the concept of the small pet exercise ball certainly provided value, its actualization was in dire need of some upgrades. The small pet exercise ball’s ventilation system was poorly crafted. The holes were too big.


Animals’ paws would get stuck while the ball was rolling, resulting in injury and in some cases, death. Additionally, the cheap plastic they were made from would warp over time. This enables the lid to pop off while in use. I personally had to fish Mooksie out from behind the fridge once, it was very scary.


Happy Habitats resolved these issues by creating our better ball, the Roam. The Roam has 2-millimeter ventilation holes to prevent paw trapping along with a greater surface area of ventilation for better heat disbursement and airflow.


The Roam’s lid also has a two-step locking mechanism, ensuring it will never pop off while in use. Our ball is screwed shut and made from durable, high-quality plastic that’s designed to last. By creating a modern small pet exercise ball, Happy Habitats has maximized the value while mitigating the pain.

The Halo and Roam Separated


However, that’s just the Roam. Our Halo carrier is the truly revolutionary product. There is nothing like the Halo out there. The Roam snaps into the Halo and allows you to take your small pet for a walk. Carry it with the carrying handle and allow your pet to free run alongside you.


Now your small pet is no longer confined to the cage or the house, the world is yours to explore. Or if you’re having a day indoors, the Halo has magnetic kickout stands, allowing your hamster to run with you on the couch or at your desk. Thanks to Happy Habitats’ Halo you can take your small pet with you wherever you go.


Happy Habitats’ Halo and Roam combo wasn’t made overnight. It took over two years to design and perfect. A lot of thought went into making sure our product would provide proper enrichment to hamsters, gerbils, mice and more. Fortunately, our hard work paid off! At Superzoo in 2021 we won best in show. Pictured below is our booth and the award.

Our booth at Superzoo 2021

Superzoo 2021 Best in Show Award


But that’s not all. Happy Habitats isn’t just a one trick pony. We aim to be THE place to go for quality small pet products. On our website we sell quality pet cages, cage cleaner, hemp bedding, and accessories for the avid pet lover. However, our most impressive supplemental product is our Happy Habitats’ Tiny Pet Treats. Manufactured by Preen Pets, our treats are wholistically sourced and thoughtfully made. They are preservative free and made from only two ingredients, the source material, and a rolled oats base. With a shelf life of one-year Happy Habitats’ Tiny Pet Treats are sure to bring joy to your small pet.


What’s more, we have additional products in development. Our next product is called the Nomad. It’s effectively a hamster hotel. The Nomad is a temporary enclosure that provides your small pet with everything they need to live comfortably for a few days, up to a week. Now, if you’re sleeping over at Grandma’s or going away for the weekend, your hamster can come with you. (Pictured below is the Nomad).

The Nomad


Currently the Halo Roam combo only come in one size, 7”. Before we get started on the Nomad, we will make a larger Halo/Roam. The 7” size is suitable for Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils, and Mice. Larger small pets like Syrian Hamsters and Fancy Rats will have to wait until our larger ball hits the market. Fortunately, our treats and supplemental products can be enjoyed by all variety of small pets


Although Happy Habitats incorporated in 2019 and we won best in show at Superzoo in 2021, our market debut wasn’t until this fall. Like many others, Covid took a toll on our business. Supply chain issues and shutdowns slowed down our debut by about a year. Fortunately, we are now available for the upcoming holiday season.


If you love your small pet and want to get them something this holiday season, then look no further. We’ve got everything you need to give your small pet the life they deserve!


If you have any questions or want to learn more you can also reach out via our email info@happyhabitats.net. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Ethan Haber, CEO/Founder of Happy Habitats


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