Fancy Mice as Pets

You might be surprised to hear this, but mice make great pets if properly cared for. The domesticated mice we see kept as pets are called Fancy Mice by the pet community. Fancy mice are extremely easy to care for and make quite the rewarding pet thanks to their expressive, playful personalities. Together, we are going to go over some of the reasons fancy mice make great pets and what you need to know before you bring one home.


The reason fancy mice are referred to as fancy is in large part thanks to their elegant appearance. Fancy mice come in a variety of patterns and colors, making them quite the dynamic and fluid creature. In addition to their appealing aesthetics, fancy mice are incredibly active and curious. Unlike their nocturnal hamster cousins, fancy mice will be active during the day. Additionally, they thrive on social interaction and will benefit from living in a pairs or small groups


As small pets fancy mice are both cost and size effective. Their housing requirements won’t break the bank or take up a significant portion of space in your home. While they are small, it is important to make sure you provide them with enough space to be comfortable. A minimum cage size of 20 gallons is recommended for one or two pet mice, with an extra 10 gallons being required per additional mouse.


Fancy mice love playtime more than anything. With that in mind, it’s absolutely imperative to make sure their habitat has various toys and accessories for them to climb, play, and interact with. Ladders and hammocks make a great addition to any cage. The most important toy your pet mouse cannot live without is an exercise wheel. Mice may benefit from the horizontal saucer wheels as more than one can use it at once. Also make sure your mouse’s cage has plenty of hiding spots for them to retreat to when they want some alone time.


Cleaning requirements for mice and hamster cages are quite similar. Due to their fast metabolism, mice produce lots of waste. A fancy mouse can poop anywhere from 40 to 100 times a day! Luckily the bedding substrate you line their cage with that they burrow in will also act as litter for them to do their business. However, this bedding doesn’t stay fresh forever. It’s important to make sure you clean your pet’s cage at least once a week in order to prevent the buildup of waste and excrement.


In short, fancy mice are adorable easy pets that make a wonderful addition to any rodent friendly home. With their adorable appearance and curious character they are sure to provide their owner with loads of love and entertainment. Make sure to keep your fancy mouse’s cage loaded with toys and equipment to keep them entertained, as well as a food bowl and water bottle. I like to replenish my pet’s food and water when I change their bedding each week. Ultimately, as long as you provide your small pet with all the love and attention they need, they are sure to live a long happy and healthy life.

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