10 Fun Names for Your Pet Hamster

Everyone loves hamsters. They’ve got adorable chubby cheeks, cute little hands, and soft silky fur. They make great pets due to their small size and friendly disposition. One of the first problems a small pet owner will face when bringing home their hamster is naming them. My most recent hamster went by No-Name for a week before I settled on Stripe. Below are ten popular hamster names you may consider if you decide to add a small pet to your family.


1.     Whiskers:

This is a go to name for small pet owners. Hamster’s are known for their long, adorable whiskers. A hamster’s whiskers will help it detect unknown objects and explore its surroundings.


2.     Nibbles:

Hamsters (and other small pets like gerbils, fancy rats and mice) are known for their teeth that never stop growing. To keep their teeth a healthy length you hamster will constantly chew the things around it. Thus, Nibbles makes the perfect name for any small pet.


3.     Hammy:

Hammy is an affectionate term used to refer to Hamsters. This is a go to name that inspires a youthful perspective. My first pet fish was named Fishy.


4.     Peanut:

This name has a dual meaning as hamsters are both peanut shaped and they love to eat peanuts. Depending on your hamster’s coat they may even be peanut colored!


5.     Happy:

This name is perfect for hamsters with a cheerful, pleasant demeanor. Any hamster that enjoys being handled would be well be suited for this name.


6.     Black, White, Hazel, Etc:

When it comes to pet names, colors are often a popular choice. Hamsters come in a variety of colors and naming your pet the color of their fur is a fun simple way to identify them.


7.     Spot:

This is another name that has to do with your pet’s fur coat. Hamsters don’t just come in different colors; they also have a variety of patterns. Spot is the perfect name for a hamster with a multi-colored coat.


8.     Gizmo:

This is the name of the friendly Mogwai from the popular film, Gremlins. Gizmo was curious, energetic, and playful. These are all characteristics hamsters represent. Plus, they can often be little gremlins themselves.


9.     Any Human Name:

Human names often make great names for pets as well. My two dogs are named Duffy and KC respectively. If you’re ever struggling to come up with a good hamster name, just think of human names you’re fond of.


10. Any Food Name:

People often love to name their pets after popular foods. Pretzel, Popcorn, Marshmallow, etc. These are all names I have heard pets be called before. These names seem to be more relevant especially when on an empty stomach.


When picking a name for your small pet, make sure to take their appearance and personality into account. Regardless of what name you pick, it will soon become synonymous with your pet hamster. You can even train them to come when called! If you plan on training your hamster, you may want to pick a one-two syllable name as it will be easier for them to identify.

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